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Wow....just wow..
Made me lol so hard..
Like always...random and random
Keep up the good work!

You Sir are so random, that goats..
This was hilarious, no matter how many times you watch it!
So random...so random..

Speedo responds:


Hahaha XD
Made me laugh so hard!
I especiallly liked the Muffin one!!

Although you could have ended this with a chick exploding or something, but oh well..

I dunno why people are complaining...Why are you on the internet anyways, if weird shit freak you out?!?
If you dont have the heart for it then go read your bible or something!
I mean its just Badger being Badger, is all!!!
If you dont know what kind of a person he is then your just a noob.

This is what I call art!!
The credits music was epic!
Its funny you added a REPLAY button..
P.S. You cant fight the INTERNETZ!!


FatBadger responds:

"Its funny you added a REPLAY button.."

my fav line from a review so far

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I literally jumped when I got caught the first time!!
This game is splendid, art is amazing, concept is amazing, yet simple.
And when I see a child turning toward me, my heart beats so fast it hurts!

Also the voices...I'm never gonna have kids again...

Worst fighting game ever..

You can clearly see the how lazily you made this game.
I mean except for the one-button combo scheme, everything seems consistent and repetitive.
Like the one enemy per level...
The hit-boxes are completely inaccurate.
And I dont like to pick a skill EVERYTIME I change a stage. I keep thinking I have a skill selected from the previous time I used it and when I press S nothing happens!

Also when I brutally murdered the first bird boss, I was expecting it to come crashing down or something. Instead, it just disappeared!

Poor effort..You cant even give up a simple effort to put in a dying animation for your boss.

Next complaint is, sometimes the stages dont make any sense at all:
The pirate ship clearly had a hole in it from which you enter. But later you fight a Kraken that is..inside the sand??! Clearly it couldnt have been in the water...

Next the bosses were not interesting at all..
1 pattern. THATS IT?!?
I was atleast expecting some action in the last boss but OMG. That one was the worst!
He didnt even try to hit me! It was more boring to kill him, maybe thats his technique.
I was expecting him to pound his fist AT me, instead of completely where I'm not.
I was literally just STANDING behind the gargoyle in his first form.

I know I might have sounded a bit harsh, but Oh Man, this game has soooo much potential!
The character design are just amazing...Just a bit more effort and detail and the little things can make this project playable.

I hope you take care of these things in your later games!

P.S. The little hint boxes you set up? Plz dont do that..
I like to figure things out on my own.

rhys510 responds:

i wouldnt call it the worst fighting game ever but ok :P

This game was superb..although very weird but, if its got to do with the mind, then anything can happen.
Anyway, things happened that caught me off gaurd; always points for that, but the fact that you have to click multiple times just to get across the room, was pretty bothersome.
I mean why not click the door to move to a next room?
Why do I have to click an area infront of him just to get forward?
Besides that, the game was surprisingly short, graphics were breath-taking, M rating is a must must...
Awesome work!

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Really nice and echoey. Good work my man.

Hikari responds:

missed u dood

Thanks a bunch mate!
Free stuff is always cooler!!
Good luck on your Smash it 2!!

Oh Sweet Jesus...
Been a while since I heard one of your orchestral tracks...
But dude, I seriously felt like a pirate out in sea, with the breeze and all that...Thanks for this great feeling!!

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This is one of those, "Trust me, I'm an engineer." moments.
Great comic, subscribing to you was the one the greatest things I've ever done.

ToonHole responds:

Whoa an engineer! GET THE NERRRRDD!!!

Shadling is totally brainwashing us, one hentai picture at a time.
Superb piece really, background is amazing and so detailed.
It would be nice though if she gets hit at some points, though....

kmau responds:

I rest my case.

The quality is just WOW but the only complaint is I have is the pink-haired chick's nose..
I dunno if its too long for pointy..it just looks wierd.
Also ther shud be a difference in the orgasm drops and their sweat drops..just sayin


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