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I made another Song!!!

2011-07-14 09:23:42 by New-groundforme

Yo guyz NGF here telling u to hear my new song!!
Its a Trance-Dance..what more could u ask for!!!
Blistering Barnicles!!

Mario BeatBox!!!

2010-07-04 12:56:39 by New-groundforme

I just saw this awesome Vid...Mario Fans will lov it! :) xEa0

I just popped up a brilliant idea when
I was listening to both of their AWESOME songs !!!
How Epic would it be....if they both COMPETED!!
Just like Battle Of The Bands!!
I mean...everybody loves Waterflame, right?
And they lov Cornandbeans too right?
So, Waterflame Or Cornandbeans...
if u see this post...plz think about it!!
I already kno Waterflame will agree but I'm
still waiting for Cornand to say "Yes!!"
In the mean time, others how is my Idea?!!?

Naaah..Not really!